Hope for Health

Hope for Health is an Indigenous-directed program that is providing the Yolngu people with the direct experience and the information needed to rediscover true health. Using traditional knowledge as the guide, the aim is to turn the epidemic of chronic disease around, reawakening "Rom Walngaw" - the Yolngu way to vitality.
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About the Campaign

What we love about this project:

  • The program’s ‘Discovery Education’ promotes experiential understanding. This approach assists the community to tap into and remember traditional knowledge rather than operating in a culturally imperialistic manner
  • It puts health in the hands of the people!
  • The Yolngu are being trained to be their own health educators and ambassadors.
  • It’s hands-on and includes skill development through cooking classes and workshops.
  • Traditional Foods are valued. Hope for Health hopes to find ways to make traditional foods available through the local store