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Refugees, people seeking asylum and disadvantaged migrants have limited access to the health care they need to be well-integrated in our communities. They often have complex health problems and fall through the gaps due to language and cultural barriers.
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About the Campaign

Integrative healthcare for refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable people is all in a day’s work at the World Wellness Clinic in Brisbane’s Stones Corner. Here, culturally appropriate care is offered to people with complex health and social issues that generally fall through the gaps of the existing health system.

GPs, counsellors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and nurses all work together to support our newest arrivals to integrate healthily and productively into Australian society.

And the awesome thing? As a social enterprise, this clinic is 90% self-sufficient.

Last year, they provided $120k of pro bono healthcare to people in need.

What we love about this project:

  • The integrative health model – combining medical care, mental health and complementary health – is ideal for people suffering complex health issues
  • Culturally sensitive care – highly trained clinical health practitioners are also skilled cross-cultural practitioners, supported by interpreters as needed
  • Social enterprise business model – this clinic’s general operations and fundamental programs are not reliant on donations, but are funded via a mixed billing model. This makes them sustainable and ground breaking!

“The biggest lesson I have learnt over the last 7 years about creating good health outcomes for vulnerable people is that our vulnerable clients have multiple issues impacting on their health: poverty, legal issues, family violence, migration status etc. What we do as healthcare providers has to be done in partnership with a whole lot of social sector providers. Health cannot be addressed in isolation.”

~ Rita Prasad-Ildes, Co-founder

WWG is 90% self-funded. This means all your donations go will go into establishing new collaborative initiatives to better address the social determinants of health: housing, employment and social connectivity.